Trademarx Online

The most comprehensive trademark management solution in the industry.

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    Protect your brand and keep licensees happy with web-based distribution of production-ready artwork. It's quality control for your brand.

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    Streamline your approval process by taking it online. Improve communication and accelerate the time from design to production. Submit, review, approve.

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    Manage all of your licensing information in one place and gain valuable insight into program performance. Finally, use your data to drive your business.

Some of the world's leading brands use Trademarx.

"Trademarx has worked closely with the league and our licensees to implement a solution that allows us to more effectively manage our design approval workflow. The Artwork Approvals system provides our users with the tools they need to efficiently manage design submissions and clearly communicate with our licensees online, resulting in a marked improvement in our approval process." - Major League Baseball

"The new deployment of the Trademarx software has added measurable efficiencies in improving our workflow. Trademarx has provided a one-stop shop for managing and tracking our licensing program. Authorized licensees now have convenient access to official trademark graphics and quicker approval of artwork designs." - Major League Soccer

"Trademarx has revolutionized our ability to conduct business in an efficient, cost effective, and professional manner. Without Trademarx, we would not have been able to sustain the tremendous growth of our business over the past several years using exactly the same level of staffing and resources. The use of Trademarx has enabled us to streamline our business processes, and allowed us to significantly increase the efficiency of our license management workflow." - Learfield Licensing Partners

" Fast, efficient and user-friendly. We all absolutely love the Trademarx site - do not change a thing!" - Gear For Sports